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ywdm - Copyyou who delight me: poems of love and words of spirit & faith
Series: Words of Spirit and Faith #1
Published 2012 by Steele Roberts Aotearoa

Format: Soft Cover, A5, 66 Pages.

ISBN: 978-1-877577-65-9
Kindle version May 2017
Sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC.

ISBN Kindle version 978-1-521128-11-4

something new to say
words of spirit, faith and celebration for Advent and Christmas
Series: Words of Spirit and Faith #2
Publisher: Spirit & Faith (self-published)
Publication Date: September 20182018-09 Something new to say - publication front cover
RRP: NZ$25.00
Print Length: 68 pages
ISBN: 978-0-473-39858-3
Format: Softcover

Kindle version May 2017 Amazon Digital Services LLC. ISBN 978-0-473-3988-3 EPUB

you who delight me is in two parts: poems of love — secular and spirited writing about people, places and events; and words of spirit and faith — inclusive language, contemporary liturgies for individual contemplation and progressive faith communities.

Rev Dr Margaret Mayman says: “This wonderful book is a collection of words, beautifully crafted, from a very real life, opening all of us to an experience of spirit.”

Sir Lloyd Geering offers this endorsement: “In this rapidly changing world where the century-old liturgies have become tired and lifeless, Bronwyn has used her poetical skill for the creation of new expressions of thanksgiving and spiritual nurture that are inspiringly fresh.”

Something new to say” is a collection of liturgy resources for the season of Advent and Christmas.  The prayers, affirmations, reflections and blessings are in inclusive language, with an emphasis on “faith not belief” and social justice.

“Bronwyn’s words are more powerful and real than a thousand theological treatises on incarnation” – Rev Dr Margaret Mayman

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Book 3 is almost ready!

Seasons draft cover

Coming some time – after a long delay: Bronwyn’s third book, not yet titled but following the calendar seasons and including resources for “ordinary time”.

A fourth book, with resources for “high days” and events in the Liturgical Calendar, is also in draft. Bronwyn is hoping to publish it in 2023.