Alienation and Homecoming

Acknowledgement & Alienation—Reconciliation & Homecoming

In small ways, in our busy lives
We confess that sometimes we close our ears to the voices of the many
we close our eyes to the evidence of injustice all around us
we close our mouths when we should speak up, speak out.
we flick to a less disturbing channel
drown out the anthems of the dispossessed
ignore the cries for justice sprayed on freshly-painted walls.Sincerely
we resolve to do more, do better, be better
to listen more intently, speak more patiently
give generously of our gifts and time.

we confess we’ve once again got wrapped up in our smaller worlds
ignored the bigger picture; just… not got around to it. Again.
And again we’re sorry. Again we repent.

And again, we are forgiven.

We lay down the burden of things undone.
We let go of the times we’ve taken shortcuts,
treated earth as an infinite warehouse of resources;
when we’ve settled for being less than we can be
when we’ve lived for the moment, not in it.

We forgive each other. We forgive ourselves.
And, again we are forgiven.

This is our Via Dolorosa and this is our Easter Day:
that what was broken is made whole
that what was spilled, overflows.