O god who we create…

O god whose face changes as we move and learn and change, whose image becomes less like ours, and more like that of the stranger we treat as a friend;

O god who we create from the sum of all we know that is wonderful, generous, true and wise, may we see ourselves in the god-ness of others, and ourselves in their image of you.

May we see the face of our sister and brother in those whose only tie is that of common humanity, even when we feel dead inside, even strung out, crossed, in exile and pain, may we see the risen Christ in the dance of another, in the leap of faith, in the falling rain.

Oh god who changes through time, who appeared to Eve and Ruth and Sara, to Jacob and Moses and Saul, in different guises, in wind and fire, in storm and in stranger, in chariots of fire and still small voice of the desert; whose names are numerous and whose voices are many:

Be in the food we share, the water we spill, the wine we pour.