drama of our lives

Let us pray for the peoples of the world, for our country Aotearoa and its peoples, for our communities and whanau, and for this community of faith.

We give thanks that grace is waiting in the wings
to prompt us when we forget our part in the drama of our life together.

When our lives feel like a gag reel, and we dwell on the out-takes,
the spluttering and mistakes,
we give thanks for friends or strangers who remind us
that they see our lives as things of beauty.
We give thanks for the gracious spirits who know our intent,
who edit our misconceptions and perspective,
leaving past misjudgements on the cutting room floor
of forgiveness and reconciliation,
and show us at our best.

We give thanks for those who share good news
on stage and screen, from lectern or laptop,
via internet and intentional conversation.

For the talents of writing and scripting and editing,
for lyrics and libretto,
for melody and harmony, grace notes and counterpoint,
for comedy with depth and lightly delivered, serious sermons,
We give thanks.

For those who sing and preach and entertain,
for the choreography and charism of our liturgy,

for those who collect our garbage and sort our recycling,
for those who repurpose and reuse and reconcile and redeem,
We give thanks.

When we forget the Benevolent Force behind things, and feel afraid,
may we have the faith to live as if we matter;
act the part of Loving Companion until we become that friend;
say words of kindness and healing to help others, until they come alive in us.

May we play our part, our many parts, until they become real;
imagining, creating and living the Commonwealth of God, here and now.