Approach—we come in faith

We gather together the strands of our hectic lives
And offer each other, this day, a breathing space
We come in faith

We venture out of our isolation
Our safe solitariness
Our winter blues
To share this morning in each other’s lives
We come in faith

We bring our unfinished selves
Our fearful humanness
Our fragile hearts
Gifting each other our trust, in this healing place
We come in faith

We come for many reasons—some we don’t understand
We come from habit, from instinct, from choice, curiosity
We come to celebrate, give thanks
To share in community
We come in faith

We come in our 21st century lives
To retell stories of the past
To glean the meaning from the Jesus life
To be the Christ—the “god-bearers”—of our day
We come in faith

In action, not belief
In affirmation, not creed
In trust, not certainty
To know that we are loved
To live fully and fearlessly
To learn—together— to be all that we can be

We come in faith.
Amen—so may it be.