Wind and fire that inspired the apostles

Prayers of the people at Pentecost

 Eternal Wisdom
—Life Force
—Creative Energy
—Cosmic parent and Pentecostal flame

The Spirit that spins the universe into being and expanding, creating and recreating, pulsing and inspiring, is manifest in us.
For this life, this energy, this wisdom – we give thanks.

We give thanks for the people and experiences that inspire us:
for friends, for whanau, for lovers and partners
for conversations after lunch;
for meeting new people and learning the languages of other ways of being
we give thanks.

In this season of Pentecost
may the fire and wind warm us and stir us into action
move us to compassion, inspire us anew.

We hold in our hearts the troubled places in our world:
the ones we see on the news if their troubles are bad enough
or sufficiently photogenic.
We hold in our hearts the people:
the ones whose nations have been in conflict for years, for generations
the ones we despair of
the people we don’t understand
or who we feel our prayers can’t help –

May the Spirit of Pentecost thaw us, fire us up.
Remind us that our prayer, our thoughtful holding in our hearts of others,
begins to heal us, open a crack that the light of understanding can shine through.

May the wind and fire that inspired the apostles
empower us in service to others and in the healing of our world.

May we speak in tongues that all understand:
loving action, warmth of friendship, justice for all, and integrity:
Loving flame, Comforter, Spirit of truth.