Easter hymn: Quick past the places we used to meet

Tune: Rockingham (When I survey the wondrous cross) Ideally, use the musical arrangement from Hallelujah! What a Savior!—a cantata by John W Peterson

Quick past the places we used to meet
stumbling on fragments in the gloom
Slivers and shards, broken dreams, defeat
quick past the empty upper room.

Slow to the road by the city gate
—ghostly, the keen palm-waving crowd —
Pause where he wept for his people’s fate
grief gathers ‘round us like a shroud.

Quick, from the hillside we retreat;
could we not watch this little time?
Lonely, he prayed as we fell sleep —
quick from the scene of shame and crime

Stretching and weary, with stifled yawn
our world is shaken, the veil is rent
Shamed, as a rooster crows the dawn
shamed by the silver pieces spent.

Swift from the graveyard of dignity
leaving the crosses on their hill.
Blessed are we who come in peace
walking the way of Jesus still:

Our temples broken, our curtains torn
passion restored with rising sun
Myth and tradition to reform
pathway of healing we’ve begun.