Faith of metaphor and mystery

Music: Regent Square (Henry Thomas Smart)
Faith of metaphor and mystery

Christ of paradox and pun
Sure foundation, revelation
Many facets of the One
Sacred found in the familiar:
phase of moon, and blazing sun.

God of living, dying, rising
Goddess: maiden, mother, crone
Word of sages, rock of ages
Love transforming hearts of stone
Meaning made in the familiar:
spirit, body, breath and bone.

Passover and visitation
Parable and playful jest
Seeking, finding; losing, binding
Exodus and hero’s quest
Sacrament of the familiar:
open door and welcome guest

Life in all its many stages
Sense and senses, heart and head
Meditation, celebration
Hope new-risen from the dead
Meaning found in the familiar:
making peace and breaking bread.

Download the Faith of Metaphor and Mystery by Amanda Udis-Kessler

Download the MP3 sung by Ken Janzen from Amanda’s website, Queer Sacred Music

There’s also a “wedding” version of this hymn, adapted for singing at my daughter’s marriage to a South Korean man. His parents came from South Korea for the wedding, and I wanted to reference different cultures and understandings.