Transgender Remembrance

Looking towards Transgender Day of Remembrance (20 November)

We pray in solidarity with the peoples of the world and for our communities

We reflect upon the many ways in which people envision the greatest good
the myriad images and mythologies to give meaning to our existence
to affirm our authenticity.

For songs and stories, for novels and documentaries, for posts and comic strips
that offer insights into each other’s experiences
we give thanks.

We contemplate the many names and aspects of God
that humans have evolved over millennia
to explain the cycles of our lives and of the life around us;
the spectrum of possibilities in humanity and nature and in the abundant universe.

In looking toward Transgender Day of Remembrance on Wednesday, we remember the transgender people whose lives have been lost to anti-transgender violence this year and over the years.

We hold in our hearts all those struggling with misunderstanding, rejection and abuse for being the way they are; the way they were created; for transitioning into the whole and beautiful selves they’re meant to be.

In the creation around us we see signs of hope and the flag of courage:
in the blooming pink of Manuka and Kōtukutuku
the brilliant white of Bush Clematis and Mountain ribbonwood
and the clear blue Chatham Island Forget-me-not and parahebe.

We rejoice in the rainbow flourish of pohutukawa and taurepo,
kowhai and lemonwood, sun orchid, pouwhiwhi and poroporo;
and the flourishing of rainbow sensitivity in our communities.

As we commit to creating a safer, non-violent world for all of us
we give thanks for a Creative Spirit that cannot be
contained by labels or limited by beliefs
and for the ways our lives and perceptions
are constantly evolving, adapting, transitioning, transforming
and being reborn.

Transgender flag collage of flowers native to Aotearoa New Zealand
Rainbow collage of flowers native to Aotearoa New Zealand