st andrew’s carol

This carol can be sung as a round or by people on left and right as a response. Alternately, just the abbreviated version below could be sung as a last verse:

Come and see
the star in the sky
the spangle of angels
the spark in our eyes.
Come and see
the table prepared
the wine in new skins
the Seder bread.

What is the news?
How can this be?
Where do you stay?
Come and see!
Who is the Christ?
Where is the baby?
Who can we tell
to come and see?

What are our gifts?
Who’s at the feast?
Will you wash my feet?
Will you walk with me?
Come and share
the fishes and loaves
the Kin-dom right here
Come and see!

Spangle of angels / babe in the manger
spark in our eyes / star in the sky
fishes and loaves / who’s at the feast?
Joy to the world! / Come and see!

A more recent version of these lyrics is "Wise Ones' Carol", adapted for Epiphany.