Faith of metaphor & mystery (wedding version)

This version was adapted for my daughter’s marriage to her South Korean partner.  I hope it will also be used by same sex couples or partners of different faiths and by mixed race couples, with its reference to “east and west” and “rainbow thread”.

See notes below re music to accompany this hymn.


Faith of metaphor and mystery
Christ of paradox and pun
Meditation, celebration
Many facets of the One
Sacred found in the familiar:
phase of moon, and blazing sun.

God of living, dying, rising
Goddess—maiden, mother, crone
Word of sages through the ages
Love transforming hearts of stone
Meaning found in the familiar:
spirit, body, breath and bone.

Love that wears a thousand faces
Love infusing life with zest
Joyful pairing, journey sharing
Love uniting east and west
Sacrament of the familiar:
open door and welcome guest.

Love that weaves two lives together
Sense and senses, heart and head
Spanning distance, honouring difference
Patterns drawn with rainbow thread
Meaning made in the familiar:
making peace and breaking bread.

Music: You can sing this to Faith of Metaphor and Mystery written especially by Amanda Udis-Kessler, or for more traditional or ‘unchurched’ wedding guests, I recommend Regent Square (Henry Thomas Smart) or Cwm Rhondda.(Bread of heaven)