rainbow trinity

O God who we create from the sum of all we know that is wonderful, generous, true and wise; Creative spirit, Goddess and Gaia, we see ourselves in the god-ness of others, and ourselves in their image of you.

Sophia Wisdom, who changes through time, who appears in different guises, in wind and fire, in storm and in stranger, whose names are numerous and whose voices are many, may we hear you in canticles and ballads, workers’ songs and lullabies, see the Rainbow Evolution in diverse creatures and flourishing lives.

Oh Christ who manifests in rainbow ways, as ancient wisdom and holy fool, as genderqueer, cis and bi, ungendered, straight: diverse and beautiful; as rabbi, story-spinner, joker and sage:

Be in us as we colour outside the lines. Be in the songs we sing, the wine we pour, the food we share.




Concepts in this prayer include “Rainbow Evolution” by Joan Roughgarden, and Colouring outside the lines – Val Webb, speaking at Beyond the Borders Progressive Spirituality Conference, October 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand