Prayers of Homecoming & Reconciliation

Peace be with you
And also with you.
Peacefulness to the people
and peace to the land.

We give thanks for the wonders of our world
for this rainbow community of faith
for the love that surrounds us
and for our good fortune to be here
in Aotearoa
in this city, in comfort
while so many are cast adrift from home and family
from loved and familiar places
by war, natural disasters, terrorism and illness.

We bring our cares and concerns for others and for ourselves
and we unburden ourselves in this special time:
a time for letting go

Letting go of worries and stress
letting go of appointments and projects and schedules
letting go of those things we cannot change
a time of quiet and thanksgiving
a time of confession and absolution.

Here, in each other’s presence,
We admit we fall short of the goals we set ourselves
Confess our alienation of and from the Earth
which created and sustains us
Seek reconciliation and wholeness.

We are welcomed home
We are forgiven
We are restored.

Amen or, we say together ” A New Prayer”

IMAGE © bronwyn angela white, Kapiti / Wellington, NZ