Hymn lyrics

I’ve been having a go at writing contemporary hymn lyrics – words that progressive and post-Christians will be comfortable singing. You’re welcome to use them, with acknowledgement. A couple are paraphrases of old, well-known hymns; others are new but set to familiar tunes.

Music collaborations:

“Wise Ones’ Carol” has a tune written especially for it, by musician and organist Vivien Chiu.

“Faith of Metaphor & Mystery” has a brand new score by Amanda Udis-Kessler.

Faith of metaphor and mystery (general version)

Faith of metaphor and mystery (wedding version)


Our city in the spring – a simple hymn of joy

Give thanks for creation – He Waiata mō Aotearoa (Song for Aotearoa)

Wise Ones’ Carol  /  St Andrew’s Carol

Easter hymn: We walk the way that has no end

Easter hymn: Quick past the places we used to meet

Amazing Grace – progressive version

Telling our stories (progressive version of Tell me the old, old story)

Your stories tell our lives – lyrics that need a new tune