Trinity Spiral Dance

Prayers for Trinity Sunday: The Never Ending Dance of Love

Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Mystery, Spirit of Relationship
Spiral dance us, koru-like
Release our thread-like, heart-shaped spores to ground and spread, regenerate and grow.

Threefold mystery, found and sought, we bring our questions and doubts, our fears and uncertainties, our hopes and dreams of a better world and healed lives.

Triple Spiral: womb, fertility, rebirth
Spiral as large as a galaxy
We think of those whose lives and communities are torn apart by violence, poverty, famine and war; for the families and lovers of the missing—the runaways, the homeless, the trafficked; those lost in plane crashes and at sea;
we think of those infected by and terrified by the Zika virus , Ebola, HIV and other immunity attacking diseases.

Trinity of parts which form the helix of our DNA
we hold in our hearts those closest to us
who twine themselves around our lives
giving us purpose and worry and joy.

We give thanks for the gift of being loved, the responsibility of loving.

Eternal, regenerating circle
Dance us out of complacency
into the whirl of lives in the Beloved Community of Resistance
the never-ending dance of the Jesus Way.