world communion

{Prayers of the People for World Communion Sunday}

We give thanks that, in a world where starvation and obesity affect billions, we are blessed with enough.

In a world where noise and sound and racket can overwhelm us – city sounds: sirens, traffic, crash of bins being emptied, wind rattling our windows; crowd sounds: buskers, gossip, iPods, mobile conversations isolating and connecting us; in the clamour, may we hear each others’ voices; listen to the still, small voice of calm.

In the many ways we are inspired: silence and solitude for introverts, discussion and company for extroverts – through our eyes and ears, our hands and bodies, we experience the spirit. With our words and actions, heads and hearts, we listen and question, act and learn.

We share a common bread with the peoples of the world: baguette or pita bread, naan, taco, bagel, couscous and rice. We share a common cup with the peoples of the world: wine, saki, lager, a pint at the pub with mates, cappuccino at our favourite café,  sharing our troubles with a friend: Peace of Christ passed from hand to hand, in cups of tea and “bring a plate”.

On World Communion Sunday we give thanks that the table is open to all. We take this hospitality on our journey; this generosity into our world.

2011 Summer Breakfast
Breakfast in Bammental, Germany 2011 © bronwyn angela white