wise ones’ carol

Tune: “Come and see” (c) Vivien Chiu*

Come and see
the star in the sky
the spangle of angels
the spark in our eyes.
Come and see
the gifts that we bring
to welcome a baby,
as if he’s a king!
Resin of myrrh 
the baby to calm
bitter, from wounding
of small thorny trees.
Frankincense oil—
spiritual balm,
focus and comfort,
the mother to ease.

Where is the baby?
What are our gifts?
Who can we tell
to come and see?
Spinning our story
Memory and mystery.
Will you trust your heart
and journey with me?

Gold for the baby,
gold of the star.
Presents and portents
of death and rebirth—
balm and embalming,
spice in a jar.
Gold for the dawn
of heaven on earth.

Spangle of angels, babe in a manger
Sparks in our eyes, stars in the sky.
Spinning our stories, memory and mystery.
Joy to the world! Come and see!

This carol has had a tune written especially for it, by musician and organist Vivien Chiu: please contact me for a copy of the full score. The melody is here:

Come and See - Melody