Easter liturgy

The One Power which we call by many names—
Life Force
Creative Energy
Cosmic Christ—
is manifest in us today.
We resonate with its recreating, resurrection power.

We give thanks for the power and passion of our Easter liturgy—especially here in Aotearoa New Zealand where we celebrate the paradox of northern hemisphere traditions:
up-side-down Christmas, Matariki in the middle of the calendar year, and Easter, when we’re getting our winter coats out, the leaves are turning gold and red and brown, and even the sunniest days have a chill in the wind—
our autumn Easter reminds us of imminent Spring.

We celebrate the gifts of other cultures and faiths: parable and koan, whakamatau and midrash, paradox and pun, for we are the Easter people in whom Christ is risen

in thought, in word, in deed.

Let us share our concerns for others.

(We take a few moments to think of people, groups or situations for whom we have concern.)

Out of the darkness, light.
Out of the night, day.
Out of the deep absence, radiant presence.
Out of the depths, rising to new day.

For we are the Easter people in whom Christ is risen in thought and word and deed.