Advent: Wonder of life-stories told afresh

Optional—Responsive litany:
For grace, for compassion, for the promise of transformation,
for the persistent love in all creation, we give thanks.

In this season when we’re urged to spend and max out our cards and pay later
and not count the cost;
when many people really give until it hurts,
until there’s nothing left for necessities,
until they start a new year not in high hopes but deep in debt;

In this season where gold and frankincense
are balanced with myrrh
may we remember to share those things that have
value beyond price: a smile to a stranger, help with heavy bags,
other random acts of kindness.

As we hear familiar stories at this time of year
may we listen as though for the first time;
let go of cynicism or boredom
and be open to the wonder of our life-stories told afresh.

In this season of giving and getting,
forgetting and remembering,
may we find wealth in generosity of spirit.
May our priority be to honour life,
beginning with the life we have and moving on
into the life that surges all around us.

Spirit of love, joy, peace and hope
in spite of all the challenges around the world and in our lives
we give thanks for the grace, compassion and
persistent love throughout the universe;
for the possibility and promise of transformation,
and for hope reborn each year.