Currents of our lives

An affirmation of faith

As the currents of our lives swirl us about
blurring the clear and simple shoreline
challenging our expectations, pushing us off-course
at the still centre,
Sophia-Wisdom speaks from the deeps in us
re-charting our course
reminding us to look to the stars

When our footprints turn to puddles and our sandbars liquidize
When through the cloud and mist we hear the shriek of gulls
not the murmur of waves
Christ-Spirit sings in us – peace, be still
and we go out where it’s deeper, letting down our nets

When tempests rage in others’ lives, and we feel helpless
As the waves, disinterested, pound the rocks
So we cast our bread upon the waters
compass and chart to those imperiled on life’s sea
living compassionately, working for peace

We pick up starfish, knowing every one is precious
returning with them to the Source of Life.

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You can use this written work under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License.

All image credits © bronwyn angela white (2017), Kāpiti, New Zealand