Prayers on Passion Sunday

This Passion Sunday we lift up our hearts and voices, to give thanks for life.
This Passion Sunday the circle begins to close:
three months, and thirty-three brief years, from Advent to Lent.
Almost over, another waiting time.

Boughs in hand, we join the procession.
Palms raised, we crowd the roadside
for a victory parade: our king on the foal of a donkey.

Hosanna!  Save us!
Hosanna!  Mercy on us!
Wine shared and spilled, bread broken and betrayed.

Soon via Dolorosa we will go, to passion’s endless end
and our beginning.

This Passion Sunday
we think of those who’ve lost the passion from their lives.
We hold in our hearts the discouraged and depressed
all those with mental illnesses, those too unwell or weary to love themselves.
We think of those who’re anxious about people they love.
We give thanks for all healers – professionals and volunteers – therapists and counselors – practitioners and friends.
We bless those who care for us at times when we care nothing for ourselves;
who hold our hands in the dark, and shine a light for us.

This Passion Sunday we give thanks for life
brief as the grass, and for life everlasting.
We hold in our hearts all who mourn the loss of loved ones
through broken relationships
the grief of personalities distorted by ill-health
and especially those bereaved by death.
We give thanks for the life of our loved ones, our communities, and all creation.

May our lives become the story of what happens
when the aching pain of weakness and defeat
is met by love, generosity and hope.