Sky Sunday in the Season of Creation (Introduction)

The theme of this third “Season of Creation” Sunday is “Sky” – or in earlier terms, “the heavens”.

In this service we follow the sky through the day:

from sunrise, through daytime –
the morning, afternoon and evening of our days and our lives,
into the dark times of night and of the soul.

Emerging from the depths of midnight and the sometime terrors of 3.00 am, we find new hope as day breaks; and we go from this hour of reflection into the bright sunlight of a new day.

Along the way, we may see stars and galaxies, experience showers and suns’ rays, glide with birds and breathe crisp mountain air. We may even glimpse angels as we entertain strangers, and recognise Wairua Tapu, the Sacred Spirit among us.

We will dream of renewed heavens and earth – unity of our universe, the kingdom of heaven within us, the holy city created and lived in by us, here and now.

Be open this day to the breath of heaven; be ready for the sensuous touch of bright wings.

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