An evolving response… part 2

It’s great that in such a short time, Aotearoa NZ raised some $10 million to support the people in Christchurch who are affected by the white racist terror attacks.
But I can’t help thinking, what if we raised $10 million for Plunket and Family Planning and community initiatives under Whanau Ora’s remit?
What if every baby was a wanted baby (and I don’t simply mean “planned”) and what if every mother felt confident because she’d had real life experience of being loved and respected, and every father was proud of being a good parent and had been included in free parenting classes?
What if we intervened as soon as indicators of emotional and family issues arose?
Then maybe we wouldn’t produce and nurture these disenchanted, antisocial, bigoted and aggressive men who feel the need to assert their dominance with fists and guns and snivelling, mean and snarky put downs in comments sections?
What if we challenged EVERY racist, sexist, homophobic remark in comments sections, and reported them as hate speech? What if we refused to minimise the impact of bigotry with euphemisms like alt-right and white supremacy, and name what it is: blatant racism?
What if we challenge EVERY unkind and unsympathetic remark in comments sections of posts like these, offering love and education but not tolerating meanness and name-calling?
And what if we stopped moaning about paying taxes, and supported a capital gains tax, and were glad to share what we have with others?
What if we raised another $10 million and put it towards parenting education and home help for those who are struggling? And made sure it was available at the times and in the places that are convenient for those attending, with childcare provided and compensation for costs of travel and any work hours missed?
And what if we regularly complimented parents on doing their best and didn’t make them think they have to be perfect?
What if we treated others as we’d want to be treated in their situation?